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Academic Eligibility

UNC Eligibility Requirements

The student success standards guide undergraduates to maintain enrollment eligibility and to stay on track to college degree completion. At the end of each term, undergraduates earn an academic status that determines their eligibility to continue enrollment in a subsequent fall or spring semester at UNC–Chapel Hill.

Academic status is determined through three student success standards:

  1. Ratio of Attempted-to-Completed Cumulative Credit Hours. Undergraduates must earn a passing grade in at least two-thirds of attempted credit hours.
  2. Cumulative Grade Point Average. The University monitors each student’s grade point average every term. After the first full-time term at UNC–Chapel Hill, all full-time undergraduates must maintain a 2.000 cumulative UNC–Chapel Hill grade point average.
  3. Academic Semester Credit Hours. Full-time undergraduates must have the following number of academic semester credit hours passed:
  • 9 academic hours by the end of the first semester
  • 24 academic hours by the end of the second semester (30 hours is recommended)
  • 36 academic hours by the end of the third semester
  • 51 academic hours by the end of the fourth semester (60 hours is recommended)
  • 63 academic hours by the end of the fifth semester
  • 78 academic hours by the end of the sixth semester (90 hours is recommended)
  • 93 academic hours by the end of the seventh semester
  • Special permission of the dean to enter a ninth semester (105 hours is required)

NCAA Eligibility

6: Every semester a student-athlete must pass 6 degree applicable hours.
18: Every academic year (fall and spring semesters only) a student must pass 18 degree applicable hours.

Entering Semester: NCAA GPA Requirements: NCAA Degree Applicable Credit Hour Requirements
2N/A 6
51.948 and declared major