National Awards

National Awards Recipients Listed below

1A FAR Academic Excellence Award
The Faculty Athletics Representative Academic Excellence Award includes distinguished student-athletes that participate in athletics at NCAA Division I institutions in the Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly known as Division 1A. Student-Athletes must be awarded their Bachelor’s degree between the previous Fall, up through the Summer of the year of the award (i.e. Fall 2014 through Summer 2015 for 2015 award recipients). They must also graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher and have participated in at least two years of intercollegiate athletics at a Football Bowl Subdivision institution in a sport sponsored by an FBS Conference.

CoSIDA Academic All-America
CoSIDA began the distinguished Academic All-America® program in 1952, and since then, has honored thousands of deserving student-athletes from numerous sports across all divisions with these elite Academic All-America® scholar-athlete honors. Currently, CoSIDA sponsors Academic All-America® programs for men’s soccer, women’s soccer, football, volleyball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball, softball and men’s and women’s track and field/cross country. Many other sports are eligible through the At-Large program.To be nominated students must have at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA and be a starter or important reserve member of the team. The student must have participated in at least 50% of the teams games at the position listed. Only student-athletes that were selected for First-Team All-District can be selected as All-America.

CoSIDA Academic All-District
The Academic All-District® teams include student-athletes that are divided into eight geographic districts across the United States and Canada. To be nominated, students must have at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA and be a starter or important reserve member of the team. The student must have participated in at least 50% of the team’s games at the position listed. Student-athletes must have completed one full calendar year at his/her current institution and have reached sophomore athletic eligibility.

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program
The NCAA awards up to 174 postgraduate scholarships annually.  The scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are at least in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition. To be nominated you must have a 3.2 GPA and have performed with distinction as a varsity team members in the sport that you are nominated for.

NCAA Elite 90
The Elite 90 Academic Recognition Award Program honors the individual who has reached the pinnacle of competition at the national championship level in his or her sport, while also achieving the highest academic standard among his or her peers. The Elite 90 is presented to the student-athlete with the highest cumulative grade-point average participating at the finals site for each of the NCAA’s 90 championships.

Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society
Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and the most distinguished of all collegiate honorary societies. For more than two hundred years, election to membership has been a recognition of academic excellence achieved in course of completing an education in the liberal arts and sciences at the undergraduate level. The objectives of humane learning encouraged by Phi Beta Kappa include intellectual honesty and tolerance, a broad range of intellectual interests, and a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of learning. Phi Beta Kappa was founded as a literary and debating society on December 5, 1776.

Chi Alpha Sigma
Chi Alpha Sigma is the first national scholar-athlete society to honor those collegiate student-athletes who have excelled in both the classroom and in athletic competition. Chi Alpha Sigma recognizes college student-athletes who receive a varsity letter in their sport, achieve junior academic standing or higher after their fifth full time semester, and earn a 3.4 or higher cumulative grade point average. Student-athletes who compete for a collegiate club team are also eligible if the club team is overseen by the athletics department at the local chapter.

Brown, Cole1A FAR Academic Excellence Men's Lacrosse
Gillian, Gage1A FAR Academic Excellence Baseball
Klanke, Hallie1A FAR Academic Excellence Women's Soccer
Maher, Connor1A FAR Academic Excellence Men's Lacrosse
McCabe, Mary Elliott1A FAR Academic Excellence Women's Soccer
Moore, Samuel 1A FAR Academic Excellence Men's Soccer
Petit, Camryn 1A FAR Academic Excellence Women's Cross Country
Robbins, Willam 1A FAR Academic Excellence Men's Lacrosse
Settlemyre, Abby1A FAR Academic Excellence Softball
Tucci, Zachary1A FAR Academic Excellence Men's Lacrosse
Jubas, SaraCoSIDA Academic All-America First Team Softball
Gray, ChrisCoSIDA Academic All-America Second Team Men's Lacrosse
Pinto, BriannaCoSIDA Academic All-America Second Team Women's Soccer
Jones, RachelCoSIDA Academic All-America Second Team Women's Soccer
Daavettila, SaraCoSIDA Academic All-America Third Team Women's Tennis
Jones, RachelCoSIDA Academic All-America Third Team Women's Soccer
Scotty, ElizabethCoSIDA Academic All-America Third Team Women's Soccer
Maher, ConnorCoSIDA Academic All-America Third Team Men's Lacrosse
Gray, ChrisCoSIDA Academic All-District Men's Lacrosse
Pinto, BriannaCoSIDA Academic All-District Women's Soccer
Jones, RachelCoSIDA Academic All-District Women's Soccer
Daavettila, SaraCoSIDA Academic All-District Women's Tennis
Hofstad, PaigeCoSIDA Academic All-District Women's Track & Field
Davis, RJCoSIDA Academic All-District Men's Basketball
Coogan, WillCoSIDA Academic All-District Men's Cross Country
Jubas, SaraCoSIDA Academic All-District Softball
Maher, ConnorCoSIDA Academic All-District Men's Lacrosse
Scotty, ElizabethCoSIDA Academic All-District Women's Tennis
Coogan, WillNCAA Elite 90 Men's Cross Country
Moore, SamuelPhi Beta Kappa Honorary SocietyMen's Soccer
Santos, CameronPhi Beta Kappa Honorary SocietyMen's Fencing
Watkins, JacksonPhi Beta Kappa Honorary SocietyMen's Basketball
Wetzel, CarlyPhi Beta Kappa Honorary SocietyWomen's Soccer
Aseguinolaza, NataliaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Golf
Golde, AleksChi Alpha Sigma Women's Golf
Junkkari, KristaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Golf
Lu, NicoleChi Alpha Sigma Women's Golf
Smith, KaylaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Golf
Austin, ParkerChi Alpha Sigma Volleyball
Diaz, OliviaChi Alpha Sigma Volleyball
Peck, CarlyChi Alpha Sigma Volleyball
Wurl, KarennaChi Alpha Sigma Volleyball
Barton, AnnaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Lacrosse
Dorsey, JuliaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Lacrosse
Humphrey, NicoleChi Alpha Sigma Women's Lacrosse
Lawton, OliviaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Lacrosse
Nalls, EmilyChi Alpha Sigma Women's Lacrosse
Paradine, MasonChi Alpha Sigma Women's Lacrosse
Trenchard, EmmaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Lacrosse
Behan, BrookeChi Alpha Sigma Field Hockey
Matson, ErinChi Alpha Sigma Field Hockey
Bell, MayceeChi Alpha Sigma Women's Soccer
Gambone, AleighChi Alpha Sigma Women's Soccer
Josephson, MarziaChi Alpha Sigma Women's Soccer
Moore, ElizabethChi Alpha Sigma Women's Soccer
Wetzel, CarlyChi Alpha Sigma Women's Soccer
Cohen, JaredChi Alpha Sigma Men's Fencing
Head, ConnorChi Alpha Sigma Men's Fencing
Paolini, NathanChi Alpha Sigma Men's Fencing
Rabinowitz, BenjaminChi Alpha Sigma Men's Fencing
Santos, CameronChi Alpha Sigma Men's Fencing
Culton, ElizabethChi Alpha Sigma Gymnastics
Gneco, LeahChi Alpha Sigma Gymnastics
Greenlow, BriannaChi Alpha Sigma Gymnastics
Silverstein, SophieChi Alpha Sigma Gymnastics
St. Brice, ShailynChi Alpha Sigma Gymnastics
Davis, HannahChi Alpha Sigma Rowing
Judge, JessicaChi Alpha Sigma Rowing
Timinskas, NatalieChi Alpha Sigma Rowing
Van Liew, NicoleChi Alpha Sigma Rowing
Dillon, WilliamChi Alpha Sigma Men's Tennis
Down-Jenkins, AntonChi Alpha Sigma Men's Swimming & Diving
Hart, AlexanderChi Alpha Sigma Men's Swimming & Diving
Lawless, AlecChi Alpha Sigma Men's Swimming & Diving
Mays, AlexanderChi Alpha Sigma Men's Swimming & Diving
Dragelin, AmyChi Alpha Sigma Women's Swimming & Diving
Vannote, ElizabethChi Alpha Sigma Women's Swimming & Diving
Farris, DuweChi Alpha Sigma Men's Basketball
Landry, RobertChi Alpha Sigma Men's Basketball
Mckoy, JustinChi Alpha Sigma Men's Basketball
Watkins, JacksonChi Alpha Sigma Men's Basketball
Followill, SarahChi Alpha Sigma Women's Fencing
Molloy, AubreyChi Alpha Sigma Women's Fencing
Fulghieri, MatteoChi Alpha Sigma Wrestling
Loving, MarcusChi Alpha Sigma Wrestling
Salazar, ChristopherChi Alpha Sigma Wrestling
Godwin, TraceyChi Alpha Sigma Softball
Middleton, DestinyChi Alpha Sigma Softball
Stubbs, BriannaChi Alpha Sigma Softball
Harvey, KacieChi Alpha Sigma Women's Tennis
Scotty, ElizabethChi Alpha Sigma Women's Tennis
Kelly, BryanChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
O'Connell, QuintinChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
O'Leary, RyanChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
Pettit, WilliamChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
Schwartz, GrahamChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
Tyeryar, AndrewChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
Wright, MatthewChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
Zinsner, PeterChi Alpha Sigma Men's Lacrosse
Moore, SamuelChi Alpha Sigma Men's Soccer
Naughton, ZacharyChi Alpha Sigma Men's Soccer
Olofsson, VictorChi Alpha Sigma Men's Soccer
Schels, TimChi Alpha Sigma Men's Soccer
Schick, Jacob Chi Alpha Sigma Men's Soccer
Thomas, RileyChi Alpha Sigma Men's Soccer
Morris, AlexisChi Alpha Sigma Women's Track & Field
Tyner, NatalieChi Alpha Sigma Women's Track & Field
Wills, GraceChi Alpha Sigma Women's Track & Field
O'Brien, CadenChi Alpha Sigma Baseball
Schaeffer, BrandonChi Alpha Sigma Baseball
Shope, HunterChi Alpha Sigma Football
West, EthanChi Alpha Sigma Football