University Awards

University Award Recipients listed below

Athletic Director’s Scholar-Athletes
Given to a junior or senior in each sport that best represents the team through academics.

Jim Tatum Award
This award was established in 1959 in honor of James M. Tatum, head football coach, 1942 and 1956 through 1958. It is presented under the sponsorship of The University of North Carolina Athletic Association to the varsity intercollegiate athlete who has performed with distinction in his or her sport and who has contributed to the University community through constructive participation in co-curricular activities.

Mildred McCaskill Award
The Mildred McCaskill Award was established by members of the McCaskill family to recognize her contribution and support of the athletic programs at the University of North Carolina.  Originally established as an endowment scholarship, the award has been broadened to include annual recognition to an outstanding male and female senior student-athlete.  Excellence in athletics, scholarships, and service to the community are the criteria for the annual individual award.

Tar Heel Scholar Athletes (Not listed below – see linked page)
Student-athletes who achieve a 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher for the year.

Top 10 Scholar-Athletes of the Year
These academic awards are given to the top 5 graduating senior male and female student-athletes with the highest cumulative GPAs.

UNC Student-Athlete 4.0 Club
Awarded to students who earn a perfect 4.0 grade point average based on at least 6 hours of graded credit (unless the student is in a senior underload) in either the previous Spring semester, Fall semester, or both semesters.

Wells Fargo Postgraduate Scholarship
Through the sponsorship, Wells Fargo will annually provide post-graduate scholarships to support UNC student-athletes who are pursuing an advanced degree. The scholarship recognizes a student-athlete who has shown leadership and excelled on the field, in the classroom and in the community

Bacot, ArmandoAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Basketball
Biggers, GiovanniAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteFootball
Burhans, TuckerAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Swimming & Diving
Cernoch, BrianAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Tennis
De Vito, AlessandraAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteRowing
Diaz, OliviaAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteVolleyball
Ergood, DougieAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Golf
Fedor, AmandaAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Lacrosse
Fernandez, LucasAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Fencing
Heilmann, JoeAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWrestling
Josephson, MarzAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Soccer
Keefer, AnnaAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Track & Field
Love, JuliannaAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteGymnastics
Lowe, HeidiAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Swimming & Diving
Lu, NicoleAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Golf
Molloy, AubreyAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Fencing
Moore, SamAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Soccer
Morra, CameronAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Tennis
O'Brien, CadenAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteBaseball
Onyedikachi, Ohia-EnyiaAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Track & Field
Petit, CamrynAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Cross Country
Pitcairn, AbbyAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteField Hockey
Robbins, WillAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Lacrosse
Settlemyre, AbbyAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteSoftball
Tshitenge, MaluAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteWomen's Basketball
Williamson, MarshallAthletic Director's Scholar-AthleteMen's Cross Country
Jones, RachelJim Tatum Memorial AwardWomen's Soccer
Brown, ColeTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Men's Lacrosse
De Vito, AlessandraTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Rowing
Lowe, HeidiTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Women's Swimming & Diving
Maher, ConnorTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Men's Lacrosse
McCabe, Mary ElliottTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Women's Soccer
Moore, LibbyTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Women's Soccer
Moore, SamTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Men's Soccer
Robbins, WillTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Men's Soccer
Settlemyre, AbbyTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Softball
Tucci, ZacTop 10 Scholar-Athlete Men's Lacrosse
Holtzapple, Jake4.0 Club Spring 2021Baseball
Palermo, Davison4.0 Club Spring 2021Baseball
Landry, Rob4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Basketball
Lebo, Brian4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Basketball
Miller, Walker4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Basketball
Coogan, William4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Men's Cross Country
Sands, Colton4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Cross Country
Clahane, Mady4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Cross Country
Lanier, Lindsey4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Cross Country
Morris, Alexis4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Cross Country
Neglia, Sasha4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Cross Country
Fernandez, Lucas4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Fencing
Fregenal, Andrew4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Fencing
George, Firoz4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Fencing
Hilbert, Xavier4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Fencing
Mulligan, James4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Fencing
Shugart, Henry4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Men's Fencing
Bravo, Isabel4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Fencing
Followill, Sarah4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Fencing
Kobozeva, Tamara4.0 Club Fall 2021Women's Fencing
Molloy, Aubrey4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Fencing
Oake, Erica4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Fencing
Somfelean, Clara4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Fencing
Herrington, Julia4.0 Club Spring 2021Field Hockey
Leonard, Marielle4.0 Club Spring 2021Field Hockey
Thomassey, Kiersten4.0 Club Spring 2021Field Hockey
Anderson, Brian4.0 Club Spring 2021Football
Chrismon, Austin4.0 Club Spring 2021Football
Holliday, Christopher4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Football
Paysour, Kobe4.0 Club Spring 2021Football
Ritzie, Jahvaree4.0 Club Spring 2021Football
Tabor, Russell4.0 Club Fall 2021Football
Elmore, Mason4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Golf
Aseguinolaza, Natalia 4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Golf
Junkkari, Krista4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Golf
Love, Julianna4.0 Club Spring 2021Gymnastics
Atayan, Ara4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Lacrosse
Bowen, William4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Lacrosse
Brown, Cole4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Lacrosse
Cook, Tanner4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Lacrosse
Destro, Joseph4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Lacrosse
Maher, Connor4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Men's Lacrosse
Mclaughlin, Matt4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Lacrosse
Parker, Geoffrey4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Lacrosse
Hoeg, Katie4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Hoffer, Madison4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Hower, Kimber4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Mastroianni, Allison4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Nappi, Claire4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Neumen, Brooklyn4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Trenchard, Emma4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Woodruff, Catie4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Lacrosse
Curran, Olivia 4.0 Club Spring 2021Rowing
Davis, Hannah4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Rowing
De Vito, Alessandra4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Rowing
Fisher, Hannah4.0 Club Spring 2021Rowing
Judge, Jessica4.0 Club Spring 2021Rowing
Kolb, Rachel4.0 Club Spring 2021Rowing
Maroney, Gianna4.0 Club Spring 2021Rowing
Oosten, Anneke4.0 Club Spring 2021Rowing
Perez, Amanda4.0 Club Fall 2021Rowing
Quintaba, Claudia4.0 Club Fall 2021Rowing
Tumey, Sydney4.0 Club Fall 2021Rowing
Whittelsey, Maureen4.0 Club Spring 2021Rowing
Bawa, Ernest4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Soccer
Moore, Samuel4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Soccer
Olofsson, Victor4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Soccer
Hayes, Kai4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Soccer
Josephson, Marz4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Soccer
Klanke, Hallie4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Soccer
Moore, Libby4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Soccer
Sparling, Laura4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Soccer
Olinger, Katherine4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Soccer
Parkinson, Siera4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Soccer
Settlemyre, Abby4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Softball
Thompson, LaShayla4.0 Club Fall 2021Softball
Courtney, James4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Swimming & Diving
Koenigsperger, Daniel4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Swimming & Diving
Lawless, Alec4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Swimming & Diving
Cole, Emma4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Swimming & Diving
Grund, Emily4.0 Club Fall 2021Women's Swimming & Diving
Higgs, Lillian4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Swimming & Diving
Nel, Georgia4.0 Club Fall 2021Women's Swimming & Diving
Reiter, Allie4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Swimming & Diving
Murphy, Peter4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Men's Tennis
Neff, Adam 4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Tennis
Peck, Joshua4.0 Club Spring 2021Men's Tennis
Harmon, Anna4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Tennis
Harvey, Kacie4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Tennis
Scotty, Elizabeth4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Tennis
Crockett, Patrick4.0 Club Fall 2021Men's Track & Field
Isles, Brianna4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Track & Field
Keefer, Anna4.0 Club Fall 2021Women's Track & Field
Petit, Camryn4.0 Club Fall 2021& Spring 2021Women's Track & Field
Porter, Emerson4.0 Club Spring 2021Women's Track & Field
Shannon, Ryan4.0 Club Fall 2021Volleyball
Esposito, Gino4.0 Club Spring 2021Wrestling
Hoffman, Etha4.0 Club Spring 2021Wrestling
Honis, Adam4.0 Club Spring 2021Wrestling
Lautt, Clay4.0 Club Spring 2021Wrestling
McClure, Josh 4.0 Club Spring 2021Wrestling