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ACC All-Academic Teams

All-ACC Academic Teams are awarded to students based on academic and athletic achievement. To be eligible for consideration for the All-ACC Academic Team, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.00 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.00 cumulative average during their academic career.

Since the ACC does not sponsor gymnastics, UNC Gymnasts are a part of the East Atlantic Gymnastics League. In order to be honored as a Scholastic Team member, a gymnast must be active on her school’s roster as of January 1st, and must have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above after the 2020 calendar year GPA is factored in. Freshmen are eligible with Fall 2020 semester grades only.

Name Sport
Gillian, GageBaseball
Serretti, DannyBaseball
Davis, RJMen's Basketball
Walton, KerwinMen's Basketball
Kelly, DejaWomen's Basketball
Ustby, AlyssaWomen's Basketball
Coogan, WillMen's Cross Country
Harrington, KelseyWomen's Cross Country
Hofstad, PaigeWomen's Cross Country
Neglia, SashaWomen's Cross Country
Head, ConnorMen's Fencing
Merchant, RezaMen's Fencing
Mulligan, JamesMen's Fencing
Mulvaney, AlecMen's Fencing
Rabinowitz, BeniMen's Fencing
Shugart, HenryMen's Fencing
Molloy, AubreyWomen's Fencing
Parker, AbigaleWomen's Fencing
Boylan, BrynField Hockey
Matson, ErinField Hockey
Pitcairn, AbbyField Hockey
Sholder, MeredithField Hockey
Smolenaars, EvaField Hockey
Sumfest, CassieField Hockey
Chapman, Don Football
Fox, TomariFootball
Howell, SamFootball
Kelly, Cam'Ron Football
Kiernan, BenFootball
Conley, Ja'Qurious Football
Aldridge, DrewGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Appleton, McKennaGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Culton, ElizabethGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Dean, LilyGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Ghashghaei, TinaGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Gneco, LeahGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Greene, KateGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
LaNasa, AllisonGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Love, JuliannaGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Nam, HannahGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Shearer, JamieGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Shinohara, CoryGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Silverstein, SophieGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
St. Brice, ShailynGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Summey, EmeryGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Thompson, HallieGymnastcs (All-EAGL)
Gerard, RyanMen's Golf
Greaser, AustinMen's Golf
Adam, NicoleWomen's Golf
Zhou, JenniferWomen's Golf
Bowen, WillMen's Lacrosse
Gray, ChrisMen's Lacrosse
Krieg, CollinMen's Lacrosse
Maher, ConnorMen's Lacrosse
Tucci, ZacMen's Lacrosse
Wright, MattMen's Lacrosse
Hoeg, KatieWomen's Lacrosse
Mastroianni, AllyWomen's Lacrosse
Moreno, TaylorWomen's Lacrosse
Ortega, JamieWomen's Lacrosse
Trenchard, EmmaWomen's Lacrosse
Warehime, TaylerWomen's Lacrosse
Woodruff, CatieWomen's Lacrosse
Wurzburger, CaitlynWomen's Lacrosse
De Vito, AlessandraRowing
Ferner, LaurenRowing
Fisher, HannahRowing
Judge, JessicaRowing
Lim, AshleyRowing
Maroney, GigiRowing
Olofsson, VictorMen's Soccer
Schels, TimMen's Soccer
Allen, AbbyWomen's Soccer
Bell, MayceeWomen's Soccer
Dellaperuta, TaliaWomen's Soccer
Dickey, ClaudiaWomen's Soccer
Gambone, AleighWomen's Soccer
Jones, RachelWomen's Soccer
Meza, SamWomen's Soccer
Pinto, BriannaWomen's Soccer
Greene, TaylorSoftball
Abaliksta, ValdasMen's Swimming & Diving
Down-Jenkins, AntonMen's Swimming & Diving
Hart, AlexMen's Swimming & Diving
Poelke, BoydMen's Swimming & Diving
Dragelin, AmyWomen's Swimming & Diving
Higgs, LillyWomen's Swimming & Diving
Lindner, SophieWomen's Swimming & Diving
Lowe, HeidiWomen's Swimming & Diving
Vazquez, AranzaWomen's Swimming & Diving
Cernoch, BrianMen's Tennis
Hijikata, RinkyMen's Tennis
Crawley, FionaWomen's Tennis
Daavettila, SaraWomen's Tennis
Graham, AlexaWomen's Tennis
Morra, CameronWomen's Tennis
Scotty, ElizabethWomen's Tennis
Anderson, PatrickMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Hunt, JesseMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Owens, DolanMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Banks, SydneyWomen's Indoor Track & Field
Keefer, AnnaWomen's Indoor Track & Field
Shippee, JillWomen's Indoor Track & Field
Keefer, AnnaWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Shippee, JillWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Porter, EmersonWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Wiltrout, Madison Women's Outdoor Track & Field
Wurl, KarennaVolleyball
Heilmann, JoeWrestling
Lautt, ClayWrestling
McClure, JoshWrestling