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All-ACC Academic Teams

All-ACC Academic Teams are awarded to students based on academic and athletic achievement. To be eligible for consideration for the All-ACC Academic Team, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.00 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.00 cumulative average during their academic career.

Since the ACC does not sponsor gymnastics, UNC Gymnastics are a part of the East Atlantic Gymnastics League. In order to be honored as a Scholastic Team member, a gymnast must be active on her school’s roster as of January 1st, and must have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above after the 2021 calendar year GPA is factored in. Freshmen are eligible with Fall semester grades only.

BrĂ¼ning, SietskeField Hockey
Cliggett, KennedyField Hockey
Dixon, KatieField Hockey
Orobono, MadisonField Hockey
Riccardo, RomeaField Hockey
Slinkert, LisaField Hockey
Smolenaars, JasminaField Hockey
Taylor, AbigailField Hockey
Thomassey, KierstenField Hockey
Austin, ParkerVolleyball
Babic, AnitaVolleyball
Bostic, EllaVolleyball
Diaz, OliviaVolleyball
May, MaddyVolleyball
Merkler, KayaVolleyball
Mogridge, LivVolleyball
Overbeck, CarsonVolleyball
Shaffmaster, MabreyVolleyball
Allen, EmmieWomen's Soccer
Colton, EmilyWomen's Soccer
Dahlien, MaddieWomen's Soccer
Dellaperuta, TaliaWomen's Soccer
Dellarose, TessaWomen's Soccer
Dorsey, JuliaWomen's Soccer
Elgin, EmersonWomen's Soccer
Faasse, KateWomen's Soccer
Gambone, AleighWomen's Soccer
Grant, RubyWomen's Soccer
Hansen, ToriWomen's Soccer
Meza, SamWomen's Soccer
Moore, LibbyWomen's Soccer
Patterson, AveryWomen's Soccer
Pierce, MaggieWomen's Soccer
Sember, BellaWomen's Soccer
Sentnor, AllyWomen's Soccer
Tolentino, PaigeWomen's Soccer
Wrigley, Lauren Women's Soccer
Al-Qaq, AhmadMen's Soccer
Cordes, AndrewMen's Soccer
Edwards, MattMen's Soccer
Kabeya, BenjaminMen's Soccer
Olofsson, VictorMen's Soccer
Schels, TimMen's Soccer
Thomas, RileyMen's Soccer
White, KeyMen's Soccer
Williams, Sam Men's Soccer
Brown, BrynnWomen's Cross Country
Klingbeil, EvaWomen's Cross Country
Morris, AlexWomen's Cross Country
Neglia, SashaWomen's Cross Country
Trainor, SarahWomen's Cross Country
Tyner, Natalie Women's Cross Country
Anderson, PatrickMen's Cross Country
Coogan, WilMen's Cross Country
Strand, EthanMen's Cross Country
St. John, WalkerMen's Cross Country
Wolfe, ParkerMen's Cross Country
Burnette, NoahFootball
Green, ElijahFootball
Hampton, OmarionFootball
Hardy, WillFootball
Holliday, ChristopherFootball
Macrae, GibsonFootball
Maye, DrakeFootball
Olson, Justin Football
Triplett, SpencerFootball
Davis, R.J. Men's Basketball
Nickel, TylerMen's Basketball
Paris, PaulinaWomen's Basketball
Todd-Williams, KennedyWomen's Basketball
Ustby, AlyssaWomen's Basketball
Zelaya, Alexandra Women's Basketball
Crisci, AidanMen's Swimming & Diving
Down-Jenkins, AntonMen's Swimming & Diving
Dramm, LouisMen's Swimming & Diving
Freeman, SpencerMen's Swimming & Diving
Hart, AlexMen's Swimming & Diving
Hussey, PatrickMen's Swimming & Diving
Mays, AlexMen's Swimming & Diving
Milovanovic, MatejaMen's Swimming & Diving
Poelke, BoydMen's Swimming & Diving
Rutberg, NoahMen's Swimming & Diving
Silver, RyanMen's Swimming & Diving
Sleater, PatrickMen's Swimming & Diving
Burrell, PaigeWomen's Swimming & Diving
Dragelin, Amy Women's Swimming & Diving
Farris, AislinWomen's Swimming & Diving
Grund, EmilyWomen's Swimming & Diving
Morgan, MichelleWomen's Swimming & Diving
Nel, GeorgiaWomen's Swimming & Diving
Nel, OliviaWomen's Swimming & Diving
Pattison, GreerWomen's Swimming & Diving
Reader, LilyWomen's Swimming & Diving
Smith, MadelineWomen's Swimming & Diving
Smith, SkylerWomen's Swimming & Diving
Sowards, ElizabethWomen's Swimming & Diving
Tankard, KyleighWomen's Swimming & Diving
VanNote, EllieWomen's Swimming & Diving
Ward, KatWomen's Swimming & Diving
Baumstein, NickMen's Fencing
Hilbert, XavierMen's Fencing
Mulvaney, AlecMen's Fencing
Palazzolo, WillMen's Fencing
Paolini, NathanMen's Fencing
Shugart, Henry Men's Fencing
Wind, NickyMen's Fencing
Wood, EldenMen's Fencing
Hunt, TarletonWomen's Fencing
Kobozeva, TomaWomen's Fencing
Mandour, SophiaWomen's Fencing
McGillion-Moore, KatieWomen's Fencing
Milewski, NicoleWomen's Fencing
Molho, SofiaWomen's Fencing
Parker, AbigaleWomen's Fencing
Summers, IsabellaWomen's Fencing
Tucker, ImanWomen's Fencing
Anderson, PatrickMen's Indoor Track & Field
Atkinson, BlaiseMen's Indoor Track & Field
Coogan, WillMen's Indoor Track & Field
Kazmaier, BryceMen's Indoor Track & Field
Mayerhoff, TylerMen's Indoor Track & Field
Neal, AidenMen's Indoor Track & Field
Signorelli, PaulMen's Indoor Track & Field
Spragley, MichaelMen's Indoor Track & Field
Stakun-Pickering, MaxMen's Indoor Track & Field
Strand, EthanMen's Indoor Track & Field
Williams, SpencerMen's Indoor Track & Field
Wolfe, ParkerMen's Indoor Track & Field
Brown, BrynnWomen's Indoor Track & Field
Dobson, AvaWomen's Indoor Track & Field
Hernandez, AlyssaWomen's Indoor Track & Field
Mauney, McKynzie Women's Indoor Track & Field
Neglia, SashaWomen's Indoor Track & Field
Goldfeder, Michael Wrestling
Mazzara, JosephWrestling
Ford, David Men's Golf
Menante, DylanMen's Golf
Izuzquiza, CristaWomen's Golf
Junkkari, KristaWomen's Golf
Nystrom, VildeWomen's Golf
Quartermain, RileyWomen's Golf
Smith, KaylaWomen's Golf
Streicher, MeganWomen's Golf
Barton, PaulMen's Lacrosse
Breschi, AlexMen's Lacrosse
Cooney, MaxwellMen's Lacrosse
DeMarco, AntonioMen's Lacrosse
Egan, DeweyMen's Lacrosse
Hagerup, LeifMen's Lacrosse
Krieg, CollinMen's Lacrosse
Levy, RyanMen's Lacrosse
Loughead, CollinMen's Lacrosse
O'Connell, QuintinMen's Lacrosse
Schwartz, GrahamMen's Lacrosse
Schwarz, JohnnyMen's Lacrosse
Schwarz, TylerMen's Lacrosse
Tyeryar, AndrewMen's Lacrosse
Wright, MattMen's Lacrosse
Zinsner, P.J. Men's Lacrosse
Casey, ReillyWomen's Lacrosse
Dirks, OliviaWomen's Lacrosse
Dorsey, JuliaWomen's Lacrosse
Felter, DarcyWomen's Lacrosse
Godine, CarolineWomen's Lacrosse
Harden, KaleighWomen's Lacrosse
Humphrey, NicoleWomen's Lacrosse
Lawton, LiviWomen's Lacrosse
Mottice, KileyWomen's Lacrosse
Nalls, EmilyWomen's Lacrosse
Nicholas, AleciaWomen's Lacrosse
Pikiell, LivWomen's Lacrosse
Sconone, MelissaWomen's Lacrosse
Traggio, EllieWomen's Lacrosse
White, MarissaWomen's Lacrosse
Alkins, MarkMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Crockett, PatrickMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Kazmaier, BryceMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Mayerhoff, TylerMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Sands, ColtonMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Signorelli, PaulMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Stakun-Pickering, MaxMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Strand, EthanMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Thomson, JasonMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Williams, SpencerMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Yearwood, TroyMen's Outdoor Track & Field
Alanis, FatimaWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Auderset, EllaWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Brown, BrynnWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Bohlman, SkylarWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Dobson, AvaWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Hartman, MackenzieWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Hernandez, AlyssaWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Klingbeil, EvaWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Neglia, SashaWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Pignetti, AddisonWomen's Outdoor Track & Field
Albada, SofieRowing
Baker, KellyRowing
Brown, MimiRowing
Burgess, KateRowing
Cao, EmmaRowing
Cummings, KathrynRowing
Cunningham, Cara Rowing
Dalton, EmaaRowing
De Saint-Aignan, AlixRowing
Finnessy, KieraRowing
Gang, CamrynRowing
Gooch, EllenRowing
Gruber, AstridRowing
Haller, MadisonRowing
Houle, LydiaRowing
Johnson, MadelaineRowing
Judge, JessicaRowing
Kieft, MaddieRowing
Laborde, AnnaRowing
Maroney, GigiRowing
McGimsey, IsabelleRowing
Pandita, AvantikaRowing
Sagues, CarmenRowing
Schneider, ChloeRowing
Stout, KarleighRowing
Tuck, SydneyRowing
Walsh, LaurenRowing
Warden, MollyRowing
Wells, EvelynRowing
Wilhelm, JackieRowing
Berkwich, NelsonBaseball
Castagnozzi, JohnnyBaseball
Cook, CaseyBaseball
Honeycutt, VanceBaseball
Knapp, JakeBaseball
Matthijs, MatthewBaseball
Percival, KyleBaseball
Peterson, BenBaseball
Sandy, WillBaseball
Backes, LilliSoftball
Brooks, SkylerSoftball
Dark, Kenna RayeSoftball
Emerling, IsabelaSoftball
Fox, Caroline Softball
Godwin, LexiSoftball
Hannappel, TaliaSoftball
Jones, KiannaSoftball
Licea, KierstenSoftball
McCachren, BaileySoftball
Middleton, DestinySoftball
Myrtle, CarlieSoftball
Snead, CarsynSoftball
Stubbs, BriSoftball
Culton, ElizabethGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Greenlow, BriGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Nam, HannahGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Silverstein, SophieGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Thompson, HallieGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Greene, KateGymnastics (All-EAGL)
LaNasa, AllisonGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Shearer, JamieGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Shinohara, CoryGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Cashman, Jenna Gymnastics (All-EAGL)
Dekanoidze, LaliGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Knower, JuliaGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Miller, BellaGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Schaefer, IsabelleGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Schulze, TaylorGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Sridhar, JayatiGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Fink, GwenGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Forbes, KayaGymnastics (All-EAGL)
Wozniak, AmyGymnastics (All-EAGL)