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Academic Oversight & Faculty Relations

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Dr. Robert A. Blouin serves as the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. Beginning in 2017, Dr. Blouin assumed responsibility for the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes. More information can be found at the Provost’s website.

Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR)
Appointed by the Chancellor, Lissa Broome, UNC Wells Fargo Professor of Banking Law, has served as the Faculty Athletics Representative since 2010. She can be reached at FAR@unc.edu. The general duties of the FAR are to:

  • Serve as an advisor to the Chancellor and the Director of Athletics as a liaison to the faculty.
  • Help ensure academic integrity and compliance with ACC and NCAA rule.
  • Assist in promoting a positive student-athlete experience at the University.

The FAR also represents the University within the ACC and participates in NCAA committees as requested.

Executive Committee on Student-Athlete Academics (ECSAA)
(Formerly the Process Review Group; formerly the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group)
The Executive Committee on Student-Athlete Academics is led by Provost Robert A. Blouin and Athletics Director Bubba Cunningham. The group takes a comprehensive approach to assessing and enhancing how the University provides academic support to student-athletes. For a detailed description of the 21 academic processes for student-athletes see the Academic Processes for Student-Athletes website. The Executive Committee on Student-Athlete Academics collaborates with the Faculty Athletics Committee to review and monitor the academic processes and considers matters related to the academic experience of student-athletes and makes process changes and improvements when necessary.

Faculty Athletics Committee (FAC)
The Faculty Athletics Committee’s (FAC) charge as delineated in § 4-7 of the Faculty Code is:

“…informing the faculty and advising the chancellor on any aspect of athletics, including, but not limited to, the academic experience of varsity athletes, athletic opportunities for members of the University community, and the general conduct and operation of the University’s athletic program.”

ASPSA Advisory Committee
In June 2020, the Executive Committee on Student-Athlete Academics (ECSAA) reviewed the work of several committees and groups that focus on student-athlete academics at Carolina and considered redundancies that have been created as a result of the evolution of these groups. The ECSAA unanimously agreed to sunset the ASPSA Advisory Committee in the summer of 2020.