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For Faculty Who Have Student-Athletes in Class

ASPSA Academic Services
All student-athletes are offered services and academic support from the ASPSA and the level of support will vary on students’ specific needs.  Each team has an academic counselor assigned to work with the respective student-athletes.  Some student-athletes, such as our first-years, meet weekly with academic counselors while others meet on an as-needed basis.  Tutoring may be requested by student-athletes or it can be assigned as part of a student-athlete’s MAP (My Academic Plan).  Learning Specialists work with identified student-athletes in partnership with Accessibility Resources Services.  Please contact the ASPSA if there are any questions on the support being provided to a particular student.  And, referrals for tutors are always welcome; please contact ASPSATutoring@unc.edu.

Instructor Feedback Reports for Student-Athletes
ASPSA academic counselors monitor the academic progress of student-athletes throughout the semester. Twice per semester, instructor feedback reports are delivered to faculty members requesting information on student-athlete academic performance and class attendance. This information is valuable and assists the academic counselors in managing academic support for student-athletes and offering proper guidance to campus services and resources. If at any time, a professor would like to share information about a student-athlete’s progress, an email can be sent to ASPSA@unc.edu or directly to the student-athlete’s academic counselor (Staff page). These reports are FERPA protected and ASPSA staff are granted consent.

This Fall, we will be launching the use of an online form instead of the normal paper copy. To read a FAQ page on this online form, please click here: ASPSA Instructor Feedback FAQs

Student-Athlete Class Absences as a Result of Competition
UNC-Chapel Hill Class Attendance Policy (Extracted from the Undergraduate Bulletin)
Regular class attendance is a student obligation, and a student is responsible for all the work, including tests and written work, of all class meetings. No right or privilege exists that permits a student to be absent from any class meetings except for excused absences for authorized University activities (see below) or religious observances required by the student’s faith. If a student misses three consecutive class meetings, or misses more classes than the course instructor deems advisable, the course instructor may report the facts to the student’s academic dean.

Only course instructors excuse absences from class for valid reasons (illness or family emergency, religious observance, etc.). A student should present his or her explanation for any absences in writing to the course instructor in advance if the reason for the absence could be foreseen, or as soon as possible thereafter if the reason for the absence could not be foreseen.

A student may appeal a course instructor’s denial of a request that an absence be excused if the request to be excused from class and the reasons for the request are presented to the course instructor in writing within the time limits above. The appeal is to be made to the course instructor’s immediate academic supervisor.

Students who are members of regularly organized and authorized University activities and who may be out of town taking part in some scheduled event are to be excused during the approved period of absence. Notification of such an absence must be sent by the responsible University official to the course instructor before the date(s) of the scheduled absence.

Travel Letters
Class attendance is an expectation for all student-athletes unless the student-athlete misses class as a result of competition, an authorized University activity as outlined in the University Bulletin. Travel letters serve as official documentation for missed classes and are provided to student-athletes by the ASPSA office. It is the student-athletes’ responsibility to give the letters to their professors and to make arrangements regarding missed work. Professors are asked to sign a verification form at the time the travel letter is provided to confirm that the student-athlete has provided the letter in a timely manner. If there is ever a question about a student-athlete’s travel schedule, please contact an ASPSA staff member for assistance. Although Division I student-athletes practice throughout the year, travel is limited to the season of competition which is different for each team. Practice should not interfere with any regular scheduled class times.
To see a full listing of the Seasons of Competition, click here: Seasons of Competition

Proctoring of Exams: Optional Service
In the event that a student-athlete misses an exam due to an excused absence, the best option is to have the professor work out a solution directly with the student-athlete to make-up the exam before or after the travel conflict. The preference is that the professor, or his or her designee, proctors the exam and that the make-up is provided in his or her facility. If the professor would like assistance with the proctoring of an exam, there are several options. An ASPSA staff member may assist with the administration of the exam and/or the logistics of making the arrangements for the administration of the exam.