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ASPSA Services

Athletic Academic Counseling
Student-athletes will meet with their Athletic Academic Counselor on a frequent basis in order to successfully transition to UNC academic life as a student-athlete. During these frequent meetings, the counselor and student-athlete may discuss current grade results, travel & practice implications for courses, as well as plan ahead regarding eligibility requirements, scheduling around athletic requirements, and tutorial needs. Counselors develop individualized student-athlete MAPs (My Academic Plan) and identify tutoring needs by utilizing feedback from student-athletes, learning specialists, and tutorial staff. Counselors work closely with Academic Advising, University Registrar, and Compliance to ensure that student-athletes meet all NCAA, ACC, and UNC academic eligibility requirements.

Learning Specialists
Learning Specialists work closely with Athletic Academic Counselors to identify academically at-risk student-athletes and conduct one-on-one academic meetings with students to address academic needs and provide instruction in academic skill development. Learning Specialists coordinate all LD/ADHD services including screening, testing, and access to academic accommodations. UNC Accessibility Resources and Service (ARS) is the primary office on campus that coordinates and implements accommodations for students with disabilities or medical conditions. Please note that the NCAA rules require that any student-athlete taking medication addressing symptoms of inattention have an accredited psycho-educational assessment confirming the diagnosis. The Associate Director/Learning Specialist in the ASPSA is the primary contact should a current or prospective student-athlete, parent or guardian have questions or comments related to receiving accommodations. Dr. Collette Toney serves as the liaison with ARS and can guide and support student-athletes who suspect or have documented disabilities or medical conditions. Below is a flowchart to help guide a student through the steps.

Click Here for PDF: LD flowchart

Tutorial Program
Tutors are available five nights a week in most subject areas to help all student-athletes reach their full potential academically and master course material within the guidelines of the UNC Honor Code and NCAA regulations. Sessions will be individual 1-on-1 sessions or group sessions. Some drop-in tutorial sessions are also offered. Math and writing services are offered as drop-ins every night in addition to regular individual or group sessions. Specific scheduling or tutor requests are taken into consideration. Student-athletes are encouraged to use services offered on campus to supplement their services at Loudermilk such as utilizing Peer Tutoring held in Dey Hall or the Writing Center.

Partnership with Academic Advising
Students meet with their academic advisors within the College of Arts and Sciences or Professional Schools to discuss topics such as course selection and requirements, degree planning, and academic policies and procedures. ASPSA academic counselors serve in a secondary role supporting the academic advising process. In addition, the academic counselors have a primary role in guiding student-athletes with respect to NCAA eligibility standards as they relate to the discussions held with academic advisors. The partnership provides student-athletes with an integrated process providing comprehensive guidance and support. Sample – Partnership Structure

Click Here for PDF: Student-Athlete Academic Advisement Plan

Instructor Feedback Reports
ASPSA academic counselors monitor the academic progress of student-athletes throughout the semester. Twice a semester, faculty who have student-athletes in class will receive academic progress reports. The progress reports request information on attendance and academic performance on specific student-athletes.

Partnership with Library Services
University Library Services works very closely with ASPSA to offer on-site services in the Academic Center for Student-Athletes. Specifically trained librarians are available on a drop-in basis twice each week in the Academic Center to work with student-athletes and tutors on a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Finding sources for a research paper.
  • Understanding how to cite sources.
  • Learning how to search for specific types of sources.

Majors and Career Exploration
ASPSA partners with many offices on campus whose primary role is to advise and guide students with major and career exploration.  ASPSA academic counselors engage in conversations with student-athletes to also provide guidance toward selecting a major and preparing for a career after their time at UNC. In this secondary role, academic counselors refer students to campus resources such as Academic Advising Program, University Career Services, and the Student-Athlete Development in the Department of Athletics.  Student-Athlete Development collaborates with campus resources to provide a Major Exploration Fair, Career Night, and workshops specifically for student-athletes.

Proctoring of Exams: Optional Service
In the event that a student-athlete misses an exam due to an excused absence, the best option is to have the professor work out a solution directly with the student-athlete to make-up the exam before or after the travel conflict. The preference is that the professor, or his or her designee, proctors the exam and that the make-up is provided in his or her facility. If the professor would like assistance with the proctoring of an exam, there are several options. An ASPSA staff member may assist with the administration of the exam and/or the logistics of making the arrangements for the administration of the exam.