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MAP Academic Study Program

The MAP (My Academic Plan) is an individualized study plan that helps all first-year students transition from high school to college. All first-year students at UNC will be held to a minimum requirement of a weekly meeting along with a specified academic plan. Depending on the students’ academic achievements, some student-athletes may stay within the MAP program longer than others.
Some objectives of the MAP are:

  • Help with the transition from high school (or their transferred school) to UNC’s rigorous curriculum requirements
  • Balance demands of academic & athletic responsibilities
  • Provide academic preparation & academic support
  • Encourage effective study skills & time management skills
  • Foster self-reliance
  • Support independent learning

These objectives are accomplished using some of the following components: Weekly or daily meeting(s) with an athletic academic counselor

  • Individual or Group tutoring
  • Independent or guided study
  • Appointments with learning specialists or assistant learning specialists
  • Task-based assignments

A visual diagram of the MAP is provided below.
<—–Click to enlargeMAP Breakdown