ASPSA tutors are mostly graduate students and working professionals within their field of expertise. Tutors are hired for a wide range of skills and subjects. Tutorial sessions are primarily conducted during the evening hours from 6-10pm Sunday through Thursday. Within those hours, tutorial schedules are arranged according to the tutor’s availability and our level of need. Some tutors work anywhere from 4 hours a week to as many as 20 hours a week.
As a part of each tutorial session, tutors complete feedback forms for each student to document what was discussed, worked on, and the student’s progress within the course. These forms are usually pre-printed with dates, times, and student information on the form. In case you are in need of additional feedback forms, a blank copy can be found here:
ASPSA Tutor Feedback Form

Requirements of the part-time position are noted below.

Requirements: Undergraduate student, graduate student or working professional from subject/department of interest. Must be able to relate to students in both one-on-one and group situations and articulate material in ways that create an optimal learning environment.

Essential skills: Comprehensive knowledge base in discipline of interest and interpersonal skills necessary to create a healthy learning environment.

Anyone interested in working as a tutor should contact the tutorial staff at ASPSATutoring@unc.edu.
For non-students, an online application via our HR website is required. The link to our application is listed here: Tutor Application