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Proctoring of Exams: Optional Service Offered to Faculty
In the event that a student-athlete misses an exam due to an excused absence, the best option is to have the professor work out a solution directly with the student-athlete to make-up the exam before or after the travel conflict. The preference is that the professor, or his or her designee, proctors the exam and that the make-up is provided in his or her facility.

If the professor would like assistance with proctoring an exam, there are several options. An ASPSA staff member may assist with the administration of the exam and/or the logistics of making the arrangements for the administration of the exam. The following list is a non-exhaustive list of options.

ON-CAMPUS: Make-up protocol on-campus, before or after the date of the exam

  • An ASPSA full-time staff member may proctor the exam
  • Accessibility Resources and Services
    • Call main line (919) 962-8300
    • This is not an option during the final exam period
  • Arts and Sciences advisors
  • Friday Center
    • Contact the Friday Center here: Friday Center
    • The student-athlete will need to pay to utilize this service and payment will need to be made before the proctoring occurs

OFF-CAMPUS: Make-up protocol on the road

  • An ASPSA full-time staff member may proctor an exam
  • ASPSA counselors can assist the professor in contacting an academic professional at the host institution who agrees to proctor the exam.
    • A list of academic professionals includes but is not limited to the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), athletic academic counselors through the student-athlete academic center, testing center, and disabilities services office.
    • If there is no host institution, the ASPSA counselor can contact an academic professional from one of the other institutions at the competition or look at the nearest academic institution.
  • Another option to consider within the state of North Carolina is to search for a proctor on http://online.northcarolina.edu/

If you have additional questions regarding any of the options above, please contact the ASPSA office at (919) 962-9534 or ASPSA@unc.edu.