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ACC Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. Four student-athletes earned the award for the fifth time, Mady Clahane (Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field), Trevor Collins (Football), Katie Hoeg (Women’s Lacrosse), and Maddie Hoffer (Women’s Lacrosse).

Alba, Max (3)Baseball
Castagnozzi, JohnnyBaseball
Causey, Tyler (2)Baseball
Frick, TomasBaseball
Gillian, Gage (2)Baseball
Grintz, Eric (2)Baseball
Holtzapple, Jake (2)Baseball
Inclan, Clemente (2)Baseball
James, Nick (2)Baseball
Joyner, Chris (2)Baseball
Lancellotti, JoeyBaseball
O'Brien, Caden (4)Baseball
Ollio, Connor (2)Baseball
Palermo, Davis (3)Baseball
Pickell, CannonBaseball
Pry, Nik (2)Baseball
Riedel, JakeBaseball
Riemer, MaxBaseball
Serretti, DannyBaseball
Davis, RJMen's Basketball
Farris, DuweMen's Basketball
Johnson, PuffMen's Basketball
Lebo, CreightonMen's Basketball
Miller, Walker (3)Men's Basketball
Murray, Jaelynn (2) Women's Basketball
Todd-Williams, KennedyWomen's Basketball
Tshitenge, Malu (2)Women's Basketball
Ustby, AlyssaWomen's Basketball
Zelaya, AlexandraWomen's Basketball
Anderson, PatrickMen's Cross Country
Coogan, WillMen's Cross Country
Gaffey, TommyMen's Cross Country
Hunt, Jesse (2)Men's Cross Country
Lauer, AndrewMen's Cross Country
Owens, Dolan (2)Men's Cross Country
Reinheimer, KyleMen's Cross Country
Thomson, JasonMen's Cross Country
Williamson, Marshall (3)Men's Cross Country
Clahane, Mady (5)Women's Cross Country
Dobson, AvaWomen's Cross Country
Fisher, EmmelineWomen's Cross Country
Harding, LizzyWomen's Cross Country
Harding, Naomi (2)Women's Cross Country
Harrington, KelseyWomen's Cross Country
Lanier, Lindsey (4)Women's Cross Country
Morris, Alex (2)Women's Cross Country
Neglia, SashaWomen's Cross Country
Parks, TarynWomen's Cross Country
Petit, Camryn (3)Women's Cross Country
Trainor, SarahWomen's Cross Country
Tyner, Natalie (2)Women's Cross Country
Cohen, Jared (3)Men's Fencing
Facci, Michael (4)Men's Fencing
Fernandez, Lucas (3)Men's Fencing
Fregenal, Andrew (4)Men's Fencing
George, Firoz (4)Men's Fencing
Head, Connor (2)Men's Fencing
Hilbert, XavierMen's Fencing
Kambeseles, JackMen's Fencing
Maia Lima, Gabriel (4)Men's Fencing
Maia Lima, KevinMen's Fencing
McGillion-Moore, JakeMen's Fencing
Merchant, RezaMen's Fencing
Mulvaney, AlecMen's Fencing
Palazzolo, Will (2)Men's Fencing
Rabinowitz, Beni (3)Men's Fencing
Roth, Charles (4)Men's Fencing
Santos, Cameron (2)Men's Fencing
Shepanek, NoahMen's Fencing
Shugart, HenryMen's Fencing
Taylor, JoeMen's Fencing
Witek, Bernard (4)Men's Fencing
Wun, WilliamMen's Fencing
Becchina, Bridget (2)Women's Fencing
Bravo, Isabel (4)Women's Fencing
Cuomo, Amelia (4)Women's Fencing
Followill, Sarah (2)Women's Fencing
Harmon, Claire (3)Women's Fencing
Lynch, Alexis (4)Women's Fencing
Mandour, Sophia (2)Women's Fencing
Molloy, Aubrey (2)Women's Fencing
Oake, EricaWomen's Fencing
Parker, Abigale (2)Women's Fencing
Parker, AllegraWomen's Fencing
Parzecki, JuliaWomen's Fencing
Somfelean, ClaraWomen's Fencing
Summers, Charlotte (3)Women's Fencing
Zhang, JudyWomen's Fencing
Zhu, Sylvia (4)Women's Fencing
Behan, Brooke (2)Field Hockey
Dixon, KatieField Hockey
Eisenbeis, DorritField Hockey
Griggs, Hannah (2)Field Hockey
Halpin, CassieField Hockey
Hendry, Amanda (2)Field Hockey
Herrington, Julia (4)Field Hockey
Leonhardt, MiaField Hockey
Matson, Erin (2)Field Hockey
Olmsted, KitField Hockey
Pelligreen, LizField Hockey
Pitcairn, Abby (3)Field Hockey
Ragusa, Megan (3)Field Hockey
Riccardo, CianaField Hockey
Riccardo, Romea (2)Field Hockey
Schlatmann, BrittField Hockey
Sholder, Meredith (4)Field Hockey
Smolenaars, Eva (4)Field Hockey
Sumfest, Cassie (4)Field Hockey
Thomassey, KierstenField Hockey
Weber, StephField Hockey
Beatty, A.J.Football
Biggers, Giovanni (2)Football
Boaz, JeffersonFootball
Brooks, BritishFootball
Brooks, JalenFootball
Brown, KhafreFootball
Brown, NolandFootball
Buck, AdamFootball
Burnette, NoahFootball
Carroll, ChanceFootball
Carter, MichaelFootball
Chestnut, Austyn (2)Football
Collins, Chris (3)Football
Collins, Trevor (5)Football
Craft, TyleeFootball
Doreen, ColbyFootball
Evans, DesmondFootball
Gill, XachFootball
Green, ElijahFootball
Grimes, TonyFootball
Holliday, ChristopherFootball
Hunter, BradenFootball
Jackson, KhadryFootball
Karr, KendallFootball
Kiernan, BenFootball
Laurence, Mason (3)Football
Little, DrewFootball
McMichael, Kyler Football
Morales, KamariFootball
Murphy, MylesFootball
Nobles, AlexFootball
Nwokeji, TobechiFootball
Rene, PatriceFootball
Rucker, KaimonFootball
Ruder, Jace (3)Football
Ruggles, NoahFootball
Triplett, SpencerFootball
West, EthanFootball
Castro, Luis (3)Men's Golf
Elmore, Mason (2)Men's Golf
Ergood, DougieMen's Golf
Hitt, Austin (2)Men's Golf
Smith, RyanMen's Golf
Aseguinolaza, NataliaWomen's Golf
Bergner, Ava (4)Women's Golf
Izuzquiza, CristaWomen's Golf
Junkkari, Krista (2)Women's Golf
Lu, Nicole (2)Women's Golf
Smith, Kayla (2)Women's Golf
Aldridge, Drew (3)Gymnastics
Culton, Elizabeth (2)Gymnastics
Dean, Lily (3)Gymnastics
Ghashghaei, Tina (2)Gymnastics
Gneco, Leah (2)Gymnastics
Greene, KateGymnastics
Greenlow, BriannaGymnastics
LaNasa, AllisonGymnastics
Love, Julianna (3)Gymnastics
Nam, Hannah (2)Gymnastics
Shearer, JamieGymnastics
Shinohara, CoryGymnastics
Silverstein, Sophie (2)Gymnastics
St. Brice, Shailyn (2)Gymnastics
Summey, Emery (2)Gymnastics
Thompson, Hallie (2)Gymnastics
Alexander, ParkerMen's Lacrosse
Antongiovanni, LucaMen's Lacrosse
Atayan, Ara (3)Men's Lacrosse
Bowen, Will (3)Men's Lacrosse
Brown, Cole (3)Men's Lacrosse
Byrd, Parker (2)Men's Lacrosse
Cameron, Brian (2)Men's Lacrosse
Cook, Tanner (2)Men's Lacrosse
Cooney, MaxwellMen's Lacrosse
Destro, Joe Men's Lacrosse
Egan, Evan (3)Men's Lacrosse
Gable, BlakeMen's Lacrosse
Gray, Chris (2)Men's Lacrosse
Grubbs, JackMen's Lacrosse
Helms, Alex (4)Men's Lacrosse
Herbert, ColeMen's Lacrosse
Kelly, Jacob (3)Men's Lacrosse
Krieg, CollinMen's Lacrosse
Larson, Ethan Men's Lacrosse
Loftus, JackMen's Lacrosse
Loughead, CollinMen's Lacrosse
Maher, Connor (3)Men's Lacrosse
O'Connell, Quintin (2)Men's Lacrosse
O'Connell, Ryan (3)Men's Lacrosse
Parker, VanMen's Lacrosse
Perry, William (2)Men's Lacrosse
Reilly, ColinMen's Lacrosse
Schwartz, Graham (2)Men's Lacrosse
Tillman, Lance (2)Men's Lacrosse
Trippi, Alex (4)Men's Lacrosse
Tyeryar, Andrew (2)Men's Lacrosse
Wright, Matt (2)Men's Lacrosse
Young, Zach (2)Men's Lacrosse
Zinsner, P.J. (2)Men's Lacrosse
Baker, Brooke Women's Lacrosse
Barton, Anna (2)Women's Lacrosse
Casey, ReillyWomen's Lacrosse
Dorsey, Julia (2)Women's Lacrosse
Fedor, Amanda (3)Women's Lacrosse
Gentile, AlexaWomen's Lacrosse
Hall, Gabi (3)Women's Lacrosse
Harrison, StellaWomen's Lacrosse
Hillman, Elizabeth (3)Women's Lacrosse
Hoeg, Katie (5)Women's Lacrosse
Hoffer, Maddie (5)Women's Lacrosse
Hower, Kimber (3)Women's Lacrosse
Humphrey, Nicole (2)Women's Lacrosse
Lantuh, Briana (2)Women's Lacrosse
Lawton, Livi (2)Women's Lacrosse
Little, EllaWomen's Lacrosse
Long, AlyssaWomen's Lacrosse
Magalotti, Emily Women's Lacrosse
Mastroianni, Ally (4)Women's Lacrosse
Nalls, Emily (2)Women's Lacrosse
Nappi, Claire (3)Women's Lacrosse
Neumen, Brooklyn (3)Women's Lacrosse
Ortega, Jamie (3)Women's Lacrosse
Paradine, Mason (2)Women's Lacrosse
Sconone, MelissaWomen's Lacrosse
Skillman, Maggie (2)Women's Lacrosse
Smith, ShannonWomen's Lacrosse
Thompson, Katherine (2)Women's Lacrosse
Trenchard, Emma (4)Women's Lacrosse
Wakefield, Caroline (2)Women's Lacrosse
Warehime, Tayler (3)Women's Lacrosse
Wood, KaylaWomen's Lacrosse
Wurzburger, Caitlyn Women's Lacrosse
Allen, Lauren Rowing
Argenbright, LilyRowing
Brown, Lily (2)Rowing
Burgess, Kate (2)Rowing
Characklis, Katie (3)Rowing
Cocchio, AlexisRowing
Curran, Olivia (4)Rowing
Davis, Hannah (2)Rowing
De Vito, Alessandra (3)Rowing
Downes, JuliaRowing
Ercolino, GabrielleRowing
Ferner, Lauren (4)Rowing
Fisher, Hannah (4)Rowing
Fitzgerald, Ranait (2)Rowing
Gooch, Ellen (2)Rowing
Gregitis, Taylor (2)Rowing
Harrington, Meagan (2)Rowing
Hunt, Julia (2)Rowing
Judge, Jessica (2)Rowing
Kolb, Rachel Rowing
Kunz, AnnaRowing
Lammersen, Caroline Rowing
Lewis, BeccaRowing
Lim, Ashley (4)Rowing
Locklear, AmeliaRowing
Maroney, GiGiRowing
McGimsey, IsabelleRowing
McMahon, KatieRowing
Melgard, Charlotte (2)Rowing
Melgard, ClaireRowing
Micchia, Juliana (3)Rowing
Miller, Lindsay (4)Rowing
Miller, Marion (2)Rowing
Mitchell, Aida (2)Rowing
Niles, Sarah Catherine (2)Rowing
Overby, Sarah (2)Rowing
Perez, Amanda (3)Rowing
Pierce, Katy (2)Rowing
Qiu, EmilyRowing
Rose, Zoe (3)Rowing
Song, Zoe (2)Rowing
Timinskas, Natalie (2)Rowing
Traylor, Claire (2)Rowing
Tumey, Sydney (3)Rowing
Van Cura, Tianna Rowing
Van Liew, Nicole (2)Rowing
Velarde, Sarah (4)Rowing
Walsh, LaurenRowing
Wernsman Young, Neeva (4)Rowing
Whittelse, Maureen (4)Rowing
Wilhelm, Jackie (2)Rowing
Williams, Anna (2)Rowing
Alejandre, AxelMen's Soccer
Al-Qaq, Ahmad Men's Soccer
Bakayoko, YayaMen's Soccer
Charles, Jameson Men's Soccer
Fisher, Cameron (2)Men's Soccer
Herrera, SantiagoMen's Soccer
Hinojosa, Julian (2)Men's Soccer
Kessel, GarrettMen's Soccer
Montesdeoca, Giovanni (2)Men's Soccer
Moore, Sam (2)Men's Soccer
Olofsson, VictorMen's Soccer
Philpot, J.P. Men's Soccer
Sanchez, AldairMen's Soccer
Schels, TimMen's Soccer
Schick, Jake (2)Men's Soccer
Thomas, RileyMen's Soccer
Allen, AbbyWomen's Soccer
Allen, EmilyWomen's Soccer
Baker, Mollie Women's Soccer
Bell, Maycee (2)Women's Soccer
Chandler, Natalie (4)Women's Soccer
DellaPeruta, TaliaWomen's Soccer
Dorwart, Rachael (3)Women's Soccer
Gambone, Aleigh (2)Women's Soccer
Grant, RubyWomen's Soccer
Gregg, Meilin Women's Soccer
Hansen, Tori (2)Women's Soccer
Hayes, KaiWomen's Soccer
Joel, Lois (2)Women's Soccer
Jones, Rachel (3)Women's Soccer
Josephson, Marz (2)Women's Soccer
Klanke, Hallie (2)Women's Soccer
McCabe, Mary Elliott (3)Women's Soccer
Meza, SamWomen's Soccer
Moore, Libby (2)Women's Soccer
Otto, Taylor (2)Women's Soccer
Patterson, AveryWomen's Soccer
Pierce, MaggieWomen's Soccer
Pinto, Brianna (3)Women's Soccer
Priborkina, AnnaWomen's Soccer
Pry, MadiWomen's Soccer
Quinlan, RileyWomen's Soccer
Sember, BellaWomen's Soccer
Sparling, Laura (4)Women's Soccer
Tolentino, PaigeWomen's Soccer
Wetzel, CarlyWomen's Soccer
Baptista, KaylaSoftball
Brooks, SkylerSoftball
Burkhardt, Kristina (2)Softball
George, HannahSoftball
Godwin, Lexi (3)Softball
Goodman, Zoƫ (2)Softball
Greene, TaylorSoftball
Katz, Gaby (2)Softball
Licea, Kiersten (2)Softball
Middleton, Destiny (2)Softball
Miller, BrookeSoftball
Monteon, DominiqueSoftball
Olinger, Katie Grace (4)Softball
Pierce, KiannahSoftball
Puetz, Taylor (2)Softball
Settlemyre, Abby (3)Softball
Snead, CarsynSoftball
Stubbs, Bri (2)Softball
Thompson, Shayla (3)Softball
Abaliksta, Valdas (4)Men's Swimming & Diving
Barnett, WesleyMen's Swimming & Diving
Becker, Perry Men's Swimming & Diving
Bretzmann, ThomasMen's Swimming & Diving
Burhans, Tucker (3)Men's Swimming & Diving
Chance, DanielMen's Swimming & Diving
Coan, Eli (2)Men's Swimming & Diving
Courtney, James (3)Men's Swimming & Diving
Dimitriou, Dimitrios (4)Men's Swimming & Diving
Down-Jenkins, AntonMen's Swimming & Diving
Hart, Alex (2)Men's Swimming & Diving
Hussey, Patrick Men's Swimming & Diving
Koenigsperger, Daniel (4)Men's Swimming & Diving
Manchester, Coleman (4)Men's Swimming & Diving
Mays, Alex (2)Men's Swimming & Diving
Messenger, Jack (2)Men's Swimming & Diving
Mumber, Samson (2)Men's Swimming & Diving
Player, SamuelMen's Swimming & Diving
Poelke, BoydMen's Swimming & Diving
Rutberg, Noah Men's Swimming & Diving
Stepinski, Fabian (2)Men's Swimming & Diving
Villalon, Santos (2)Men's Swimming & Diving
Burrell, Paige (2)Women's Swimming & Diving
Countie, GraceWomen's Swimming & Diving
Dragelin, Amy (2)Women's Swimming & Diving
Higgs, Lilly (3)Women's Swimming & Diving
Hockenberry, Taylor (4)Women's Swimming & Diving
Ireland, VictoriaWomen's Swimming & Diving
Isley, CourtneyWomen's Swimming & Diving
Kayal, GracieWomen's Swimming & Diving
Layton, Emma (3)Women's Swimming & Diving
Lindner, Sophie (3)Women's Swimming & Diving
Lowe, Heidi (3)Women's Swimming & Diving
Romney, BrieannaWomen's Swimming & Diving
Rudolph, LexiWomen's Swimming & Diving
Smith, Addison Women's Swimming & Diving
Vazquez, AranzaWomen's Swimming & Diving
Ward, Kat Women's Swimming & Diving
Wright, KatieWomen's Swimming & Diving
Cernoch, Brian (3)Men's Tennis
Dillon, Mark (2)Men's Tennis
Hijikata, Rinky (2)Men's Tennis
Murphy, PeterMen's Tennis
Neff, Adam Men's Tennis
Peck, Josh (3)Men's Tennis
Sigouin, Benjamin Men's Tennis
Watane, Anuj (2)Men's Tennis
Crawley, FionaWomen's Tennis
Harmon, Anna (2)Women's Tennis
Harvey, Kacie (2)Women's Tennis
McClure, SaraWomen's Tennis
Morra, Cameron (2)Women's Tennis
Patel, SophiaWomen's Tennis
Sanford, Alle (2)Women's Tennis
Scotty, Elizabeth (2)Women's Tennis
Tran, ReillyWomen's Tennis
Yarlagadda, Anika (3)Women's Tennis
Alkins, MarkMen's Track & Field
Johnson, JadonMen's Track & Field
Palmer, Isaiah (2)Men's Track & Field
Smith, Dontavian (2)Men's Track & Field
Travis, IsiahMen's Track & Field
Williams, JaredMen's Track & Field
Yearwood, TroyMen's Track & Field
Young, IsaacMen's Track & Field
Banks, Sydney (2)Women's Track & Field
Brunick, McKennaWomen's Track & Field
Hunt, KaylaWomen's Track & Field
Isles, BriannaWomen's Track & Field
Keefer, Anna (2)Women's Track & Field
Porter, Emerson (4)Women's Track & Field
Potts, AlexWomen's Track & Field
Shippee, Jill (3)Women's Track & Field
Wills, GraceWomen's Track & Field
Wiltrout, Madison (2)Women's Track & Field
Archer, Annabelle (3)Volleyball
Austin, Parker (2)Volleyball
Boone, Erin (3)Volleyball
Diaz, Olivia (2)Volleyball
Howard, SkyyVolleyball
Khoshatefeh, NikiVolleyball
Peck, Carly (2)Volleyball
Phegley, AmandaVolleyball
Shannon, Ryan (2)Volleyball
Tontai, Aristea (3)Volleyball
Wurl, Karenna (2)Volleyball
Alexander, Connor (2)Wrestling
Derby, Jeremiah Wrestling
Esposito, Gino (4)Wrestling
Goldfeder, Michael (3)Wrestling
Guida, WilWrestling
Guttridge, AydinWrestling
Heilmann, Joe (2)Wrestling
Hoffman, Ethan (3)Wrestling
Honis, AdamWrestling
Kane, Devin (2)Wrestling
Lautt, Clay (4)Wrestling
Loving, Marcus (2)Wrestling
Luker, TimothyWrestling
Mazzara, Joey (2)Wrestling
McClure, Josh (4)Wrestling
Phillips, Mason (2)Wrestling
Queen, HunterWrestling
Santiago, SonnyWrestling