Conference Awards

Conference Award Recipients listed below

ACC Weaver-James-Corrigan Postgraduate Scholarship
The Weaver-James-Corrigan postgraduate scholarships are awarded to selected student-athletes who intend to pursue a graduate degree following completion of their undergraduate requirements. Each recipient will receive $6,000 toward his or her graduate education. Those honored have performed with distinction in both the classroom and their respective sport, while demonstrating exemplary conduct in the community. Honorary recipients were awarded to student-athletes who plan to pursue professional careers in their chosen sports.

ACC Dr. Pepper Go Teach Tuition Giveaway Scholarship
The CFP Foundation and Dr. Pepper are committed to growing the Go Teach intiative to place qualified teachers in classrooms across the nation. Over the next five year, the CFP Foundation and Dr. Pepper are awarding a collective $1.5 million in tuition to the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten,  Pac-12 and SEC conference partners to provide support and recognition for student-athletes majoring in education. In addition to the classroom resource projects, the ACC has named 15 student-athletes as recipients of the 2021 Go Teach Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway.

ACC Skip Prosser Award
The ACC Skip Prosser Award is presented annually to the top scholar-athlete in ACC men’s basketball.  It is named in memory of Wake Forest head basketball coach George Edward “Skip” Prosser, who passed away on July 26, 2007. Prosser compiled a 291-146 career record in 14 seasons as a head coach, including a 126-68 mark in his six years with Wake Forest. Every Wake Forest senior he coached graduated, and the Deacons placed nine players on the annual All-ACC Academic Basketball Team during his tenure.

To be nominated for the Skip Prosser Award, a student-athlete must be an upperclassman with a grade-point average of 3.0 or better – both in his career and in the previous two semesters. Sixty percent of the award is based on academic achievement and 40 percent on athletic accomplishments.

All-ACC Academic Teams
Awarded to students based on academic and athletic achievement. To be eligible for consideration for the All-ACC Academic Team, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.00 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.00 cumulative average during their academic career.

All-EAGL Scholastic Team
Since the ACC does not sponsor gymnastics, UNC Gymnasts are a part of the East Atlantic Gymnastics League.
In order to be honored as a Scholastic Team member, a gymnast must be active on her school’s roster as of January 1st, and must have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above after the 2019 calendar year GPA is factored in. Freshmen are eligible with Fall 2019 semester grades only.

ACC Scholar-Athlete of the Year
The ACC Scholar-Athlete of the Year awards were established in September 2007 to be awarded annually to the top junior or senior student-athlete in their respective sports. Candidates for the awards must have maintained a 3.0 grade point average for their career as well as a 3.0 for each of the last two semesters.

ACC Academic Honor Roll (Not listed below – see linked page)
The Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year.

ACC Senior Scholar-Athlete of the Year
Each year, UNC and ACC honor the male and female graduates who have the highest grade point average.

Pitcairn, AbbyACC Weaver-James-Corrigan Postgraduate ScholarshipField Hockey
Sholder, MeredithACC Weaver-James-Corrigan Postgraduate ScholarshipField Hockey
Tucci, ZacACC Weaver-James-Corrigan Postgraduate ScholarshipMen's Lacrosse
Feehery, EmmaACC Dr. Pepper Go Teach Tuition Giveaway ScholarshipWomen's Swimming & Diving
Matson, Erin ACC Scholar-Athlete of the YearField Hockey
Down-Jenkins, AntonACC Scholar-Athlete of the YearMen's Swimmig & Diving
Maher, ConnorACC Scholar-Athlete of the YearMen's Lacrosse
Cernoch, BrianACC Scholar-Athlete of the YearMen's Tennis
Culton, ElizabethEAGL Scholar-Athlete of the YearGymnastics
Matson, ErinAll-ACC Academic Team Field Hockey
Dixon, KatieAll-ACC Academic Team Field Hockey
Griggs, HannahAll-ACC Academic Team Field Hockey
Sholder, MeredithAll-ACC Academic Team Field Hockey
Smith, KellyAll-ACC Academic Team Field Hockey
Smolenaars, EvaAll-ACC Academic Team Field Hockey
Sumfest, CassieAll-ACC Academic Team Field Hockey
Shaffmaster, MabreyAll-ACC Academic Team Volleyball
Wurl, KarennaAll-ACC Academic Team Volleyball
Bell, MayceeAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Colton, EmilyAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Dickey, ClaudiaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Dorwart, RachaelAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Jones, RachelAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Meza, SamAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Murphy, EmilyAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Patterson, AveryAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Soccer
Ikoba, TegaAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Soccer
Olofsson, VictorAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Soccer
Schels, TimAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Soccer
Thomas, RileyAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Soccer
Brown, BrynnAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Cross Country
Neglia, SashaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Cross Country
Tyner, NatalieAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Cross Country
Anderson, PatrickAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Cross Country
Coogan, WillAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Cross Country
Strand, EthanAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Cross Country
Wolfe, ParkerAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Cross Country
Morales, KamariAll-ACC Academic Team Football
Richards, AsimAll-ACC Academic Team Football
Bacot, ArmandoAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Basketball
Ustby, AlyssaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Basketball
Down-Jenkins, AntonAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Swimming & Diving
Hart, AlexAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Swimming & Diving
Poelke, BoydAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Swimming & Diving
Lindner, SophieAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Swimming & Diving
VanNote, EllieAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Swimming & Diving
Mandour, SophiaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Fencing
Mulligan, JamesAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Fencing
Santos, CameronAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Fencing
Shugart, HenryAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Fencing
Brown, BrynnAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Indoor Track & Field
Keefer, AnnaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Indoor Track & Field
Potts, AlexAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Indoor Track & Field
Corley, SamAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Indoor Track & Field
Reinheimer, KyleAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Indoor Track & Field
Wolfe, ParkerAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Indoor Track & Field
Heilmann, JoeAll-ACC Academic Team Wrestling
Kane, GavinAll-ACC Academic Team Wrestling
O'Connor, AustinAll-ACC Academic Team Wrestling
Gillian, GageAll-ACC Academic Team Baseball
Honeycutt, VanceAll-ACC Academic Team Baseball
Madej, MikeyAll-ACC Academic Team Baseball
Palermo, DavisAll-ACC Academic Team Baseball
Schaeffer, BrandonAll-ACC Academic Team Baseball
Serretti, DannyAll-ACC Academic Team Baseball
Brooks, SkylerAll-ACC Academic Team Softball
Greene, TaylorAll-ACC Academic Team Softball
Jubas, SaraAll-ACC Academic Team Softball
Middleton, DestinyAll-ACC Academic Team Softball
Stubbs, BriAll-ACC Academic Team Softball
Ford, DavidAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Golf
Gerard, RyanAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Golf
Junkkari, KristaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Golf
Smith, KaylaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Golf
Maher, ConnorAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Lacrosse
Krieg, CollinAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Lacrosse
Tucci, ZacAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Lacrosse
Wright, MattAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Lacrosse
Dorsey, JuliaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Lacrosse
Hall, GabiAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Lacrosse
Mastroianni, AllyAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Lacrosse
Nalls, EmilyAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Lacrosse
Ortega, JamieAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Lacrosse
Trenchard, EmmaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Lacrosse
Warehime, TaylerAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Lacrosse
Cernoch, BrianAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Tennis
Murphy, PeterAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Tennis
Watane, AnujAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Tennis
Zapp, LoganAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Tennis
Crawley, FionaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Tennis
Morra, CameronAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Tennis
Scotty, ElizabethAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Tennis
Tanguilig, CarsonAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Tennis
Tran, ReillyAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Tennis
Yarlagadda, AnikaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Tennis
Anderson, PatrickAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Outdoor Track & Field
Palmer, IsaiahAll-ACC Academic Team Men's Outdoor Track & Field
Keefer, AnnaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Outdoor Track & Field
Neglia, SashaAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Outdoor Track & Field
Trainor, SarahAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Outdoor Track & Field
Wiltrout, MadisonAll-ACC Academic Team Women's Outdoor Track & Field
Cunningham, CaraAll-ACC Academic Team Rowing
de Vito, AlessandraAll-ACC Academic Team Rowing
Judge, JessicaAll-ACC Academic Team Rowing
Maroney, GigiAll-ACC Academic Team Rowing
McGimsey, IsabelleAll-ACC Academic Team Rowing
Perez, AmandaAll-ACC Academic Team Rowing
Van Liew, NicoleAll-ACC Academic Team Rowing
Aldridge, DrewAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Love, JuliannaAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
St. Brice, ShailynAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Summey, EmeryAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Ghashghaei, TinaAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Greenlow, BriAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Nam, HannahAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Silverstein, SophieAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Greene, KateAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
LaNasa, AllisonAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Shearer, JamieAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Thompson, HallieAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Cashman, JennaAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Knower, JuliaAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Miller, BellaAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Sridhar, JayatiAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics
Culton, ElizabethAll-EAGL Scholastic Team Gymnastics